Cyprus Sunsets in HD-Ahhhhhh.

April 8, 2020 Photography Tips

Sunsets in HDR

Cyprus is undoubtably one of the best locations in the Med for unforgettable sunsets. I have an extensive back catalogue of sunsets from every part of the island and can't get enough of the tranquil feeling sitting on the beach watching the sun slip into the sea and then see the incredible bursts of red, violet and orange. I find the best evenings for sunsets are when there's a handful of fluffy clouds or long wispy clouds streaking across the sky due to high winds up in the stratosphere. They provide interest and reflect colour that would ordinarily be lost.

I've been looking at improving my images by shooting in HDR with my Nikon D750 by shooting multiple exposures and then merging in Lightroom. The finished result provides and image with must great range in colour and contrast and reflects and enhanced view more akin to what we see with our own eyes. the process is great fun and half the excitement is waiting for the program to complete and produce your merged image.

The images below show a snapshot of the images merged with images taken from -2ev to +2ev, which helps create this intense final image. HDR can be an acquired taste with many preferring are more natural look but when you want to do a sunset justice, I just love working in HDR and creating a finished image that's a feast for the eyes.

Give it a try and increase the f-stop if you want to create a more intense starburst effect with the suns rays.

Single image -2ev

Single image 0-ev

Final HDR Image with multiple exposures.

Secret beach

Dreams of summer

Clouds chasing the breeze

Golden ridges